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We Fix All Furniture – Old & New

  • Do you have broken or damaged furniture?
  • Do you have drawers which are hard to open or close?
  • Does your desk need new leather or the timber looking dry & dull?
  • Do you have a chair with a broken leg or loose frame?
  • Do you 'sink' down when you sit on your chair?
  • Is your table scratched or watermarked?
  • Do you need lighting fitted to a display cabinet?
  • Re-lining of a cabinet?
  • Has your club or association an Honour Board that's run out of space?
  • Is your Church pew too big?
  • Do you have a mirror loose in a frame?
  • A damaged mirror?
  • Scratched or chipped glass shelves?
  • Would you like to have a marble top fitted to your piece of furniture?
  • Do you have shelves that need height adjustments?
  • Can't fit your legs under a table and you want the table height adjusted?
  • Any furniture that was damaged in transit?
  • This is just a sample of what we can do because
  • We Fix All Furniture – Old & New

Call (03) 9889 4984 or to discuss how we might help you