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Mauviel 1830

Mauviel 1830 is for people who truly love to cook.

A visual delight, Mauviel 1830 copper cookware heats more evenly and efficiently allowing the food to retain true flavours and textures delighting the whole family with the results.

With each of us being more aware of the rising costs of living, isn't it nice to know cooking in Mauviel 1830 copper allows even the cheapest meats and vegetables to be transformed into a delicious meal, retaining nutritional qualities due to the ease of cooking with Mauviel.

Easy to clean, Mauviel copper cookware is an investment towards the future and such a visual delight completing any dining experience. Use Mauviel copper on the stove top (gas or electric), in the oven or at the dining table as it's versatility makes it a joy to have. Please note: induction interface discs are available for induction cooking.

We have a great range of Mauviel 1830 copper cookware in our store, be it a presentation gift item, basic cooking or something for more specialized cooking, we have lots in store and are happy to discuss the range with you.

Over time copper develops a beautiful rich patination through use, and as antique dealers, we think the patina adds to the dimension and richness of the copper. It's an urban myth that unpolished copper will not cook as well due to the lack of conductivity - it cooks just the same! Sparkling copper versus copper with a good patina is just a personal aesthetic view.

Many want to clean their copper and keep it shiny and new looking. We sell Mauviel Copperbrill which is so easy to use that when we demonstrate it to clients they often can't believe it 'cause it just looks too easy!