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Repair or Restoration Estimate or Quote:

What's the difference? Well, we're often asked for an estimate or 'an idea' of how much a repair or restoration may cost. An 'Estimate' is different to a 'Quote' and we'd like to explain the difference and to call to discuss or clarify.

Our 'Estimate' is a free service, involving our calculated approximate costing, with our judgment based on comparable previous works and the related costs these prior works have incurred. An 'Estimate' is a verbal indication or approximation of the cost of services and works to be performed and is GST exclusive.

A 'Quote' is a fixed firm price for which we charge a call out fee, paid prior to or at the time of inspection. Our written 'Quote' is a legally binding contract between the client and ourselves with a firm or fixed outcome and price for the service to be performed. A 'Quote' is GST inclusive. Clients who have not utilised our services and skills before, are often more comfortable with a 'Quote'. An Insurance Company will generally require a 'Quote' to enable an insurance claim.

We can often supply an Estimate from images but photographs do not show the level of work that may be required. Send images of damaged items to and we'll reply with an estimate or expected guide. Occasionally we can supply an estimate after discussing by phone, depending on the works involved but remember, it's only an estimate and will be confirmed once the actual item has been seen.

If you're wondering why we ask you to call during our retail hours... Sheridan and his team are often involved various restorations and either can't get to the phone, or, are unable to stop their work without compromising the restoration being undertaken at that moment. Our request for contact to be during our 'Shop Hours' is as much out of respect for our team, as well as the quality of our customer service. The team in our shop are happy to be of assistance and give you the time and attention you deserve.

Insurance Quotations:
We offer an Insurance Quotation service and are able to deal direct with the Insurance Company or broker should you prefer. Insurance Quotes are done outside our normal business hours which allows full commitment to our repairs and restorations during business hours. Quotes are done by appointment only and generally in the early evening.

A call out fee is charged for our written Quotes. An insurer will not accept an approximate and will require a detailed written document or quote.

We would suggest the following points are checked with your Insurance Company at the outset of your claim:

  1. The number of quotations the Insurer requires to process your claim. It can be a nuisance to complete the paperwork for your insurance claim only to find your claim is delayed further due to insufficient number of quotations on damaged items.
  2. The reimbursement of any costs associated with procuring their required amount of quotations. If you are required to pay three people for three quotes then confirm your Insurer will meet these costs.
  3. The time frame in which the claim must be lodged with the Insurer. The claim lodgement time will vary between Insurers so we would advise this be clarified, together with any delays with your Insurer or broker.

Please Note:
We're unable to supply a quotation by viewing a photograph or hearing a description over the telephone. An Insurance Quotation is a legally binding contract and as such, requires our actual inspection of the item or pieces involved and a written report being provided for the Insurance Company. We do not supply Insurance Quotes against damage we've not physically seen, nor will we compromise our Company standards and ethics by doing this.

To make an appointment call (03) 9889 4984 or (03) 9809 0303 Tuesday to Friday 11am to 5pm or Saturday 11am to 3pm and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.